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What do professional editors use?

So how can we tell the difference between amateur and professional photography? What should we look for when looking for a professional photo? And if you can’t trust your eyes (or camera), how can you expect to be taken seriously when you’re photographing someone’s wedding dress?

For example: If you live or work near an airport or a subway station where the sky is overcast, chances are you’ll either see a wedding photographer or a professional. Either way, you’ll see the same wedding photo in two different styles that are designed to be viewed from several different angles of the same bride and groom. How do you make sense of that?

There are many reasons that an amateur photographer might not have the professional experience that a professional one does. So what would a professional person look for when looking for a wedding photographer? How do some of the questions on this list help us narrow our search?

1. Why am I photographing this wedding?

If you’re photographing a person’s wedding you’re likely doing so as a “discovering photographer” who hopes to create a story on their own at its own pace; not as a “photographer” with a specific style. If you’ve already done a lot of wedding photography in your life, this question may not necessarily apply. In other words, why are you photographing this wedding rather than another wedding?

What are your priorities this year? What would you like to capture? How are you going to accomplish those goals? What is your style and what do you think the wedding is going to look like? Are you a new bride wanting something new and different? Or is this the first wedding you’ve ever done?

What is your intention in photographing this wedding? Who in the family is being considered and how might that affect them? What are the goals for the photos and how will you go about achieving those goals? Where are the images in the frame. What is the main focus of your photos and what is the scene you are trying to show? Why do you plan on doing that? What type of lighting is the best for the photo? How can you help in selecting the lighting conditions?

What are the details on what you want to show? What kind of lighting is best? How will you achieve that light? How do you plan to recreate the lighting in the scene? How do you plan to capture the details of the dress? Why do you include that detail?

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