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Share any funny photos you take this Spring? Share any funny photos you take in the Spring?

Google Photos has a dedicated forum for discussing funny photos, and you can create your own.

And, of course, there’s tons of funny pictures on the web if you look hard enough.

Share these photos with others and show why the Google Photos community is such an awesome place to be.

I don’t know how they could have been more excited to receive that email. Of course, for their first game they were pretty much excited to receive it. But it’s the first time they had any hope of being able to play it at all, so they got a bit upset. I’m sure that they’ll get over it.

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With the start of the Vancouver International Film Festival in full swing, the 2017 Vancouver Film Festival is already shaping up to be a blockbuster affair.

There have been a number of high-profile names making the rounds over the past few days, including director Michael Haneke, actor Matt Damon, and film producer/actress Eva Green. It’s a testament to the strength of the festival that not one but three of those names have been announced.

And to say that Hollywood is in Vancouver makes zero sense. Not only was there no Hollywood-friendly festival in 2016, but this year’s festival was held in the heart of the business district and had an intimate screening of Bollywood’s latest release—a movie whose release was barely a year and a half ago.

But what do all those stars know about the city of Vancouver?

The movie festivals in Hollywood and elsewhere, such as New York and L.A., do not even offer Bollywood films at festivals where film audiences are the major draw. Yet Bollywood in Canada still has a major presence in Vancouver, and there are dozens of festivals that put on Bollywood concerts and films.

That’s why the festival organizers came up with the Bollywood Vancouver Film Festival (BCFC) that will kick off this weekend. (It’s hosted in partnership with the Vancouver Film Festival, and that partnership will continue this year.)

The BCFC’s aim is to create an event to showcase Bollywood’s best films and also help boost its film community in Vancouver.

According to the festival’s co-founder and co-executive director, Avanti Roy, the event aims “to create a showcase of the creative talent of Bollywood in Canada

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