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Photoshop can remove clothes, by applying the same tools and functions to a picture of anything. For example, we can remove a person’s beard from the frame, or cut the head off a picture, and do it all over again. But this is a long way from having a tool that removes clothing.

The most common use of Photoshop’s tools is to add texture and make it appear like it was taken out of an object. If you’ve ever taken photographs with black and white plates, you’re probably not surprised to hear this. But what do these techniques really mean?

We’ll take a closer look.

Image: How to Remove Clothing using Photoshop in 8 Simple Steps

How to Delete or Re-edit a Clothing Image

Before we get started, let’s talk about some basics. The most common use of Photoshop’s tool palette is to make a selection. If we apply this tool to an image, it adds a little bit of transparency on top of the photo.

Select the picture where you want to replace the clothing.

Set the transparency of the selection to 0%, by using the pencil icon to the right of the selection.

Select the area where you want to make the change.

Change the layer blend mode of the selected layer to Overlay.

Use the filter tool (Ctrl/Cmd or click and hold) to blur the area you want to remove.

The image above is a great example of a clothing image that has been re-edited using Photoshop’s Clothing Tools tool. The image was originally taken from a Polaroid taken by my mom. Using the same tool, I have restored the old color and replaced the texture (red) with a new one (green). The result is a much better photo.

How to Add Texture

Like our previous example, you can even use Photoshop’s Photoshop tools to make changes without actually changing an image. When using these tools for texturing, or applying different looks to a photo, we want them to look like they were pulled from scratch. With so many photo-editing tools, it’s hard to tell what was used where in the image; there are so many tools to use.

This is one way to do it.

Select an image.

Add a layer mask to that image.

Change the blend mode of the layer mask to Overlay.

Click and hold on the layer mask and drag the mask over to where you

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