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There is a free version of Photoshop (it can be used to create GIF or animated GIFs), but Photoshop is a powerful and comprehensive software that will serve you well for a long time.

I am a beginner and there are no tutorials in this guide.

Do we need to download Adobe Acrobat reader to edit photos or videos?

If you want to edit or create GIF/pNGs then Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free) is the best choice for you. When you want to edit photos or create animated GIFs from Photoshop then you need to download the latest Adobe Photoshop Express or Adobe Photoshop CC 2010 (Acrobat version) to make you edit or create the photos.

For beginners, it usually cost you around $15 for all the files, and you can start editing your photos to make them beautiful in no time.

Do you need to install Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Lightroom?

Yes you may need to install flashplayer or lightroom, you can follow these tutorials, you’ll also find our other best Photoshop freebies.

How to create a nice GIF animation?

If you aren’t sure how to make a GIF and want to know how to do it then follow below tutorials.

The only difference is in the steps you will be taking and for each step we will show you the steps as if they is on our tutorial.

Start of the tutorial: How to make a GIF from screenshots.

Step 1: Image

In this tutorial we will make a nice animation from an image taken from a websites like Flickr.

Step 2: Creating The Animation

Create a new document and place the file in it.

Create a copy of it and name it “gif.gif”.
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Save it as “gif_myimage.gif”.

Create a new folder called “gif_animation”

Open it

Name it “gif_animation” and save it as “gif_animation.png”

Open “gif_animation.png” and make it in a folder.

Create a new layer.

Create a new Layer called “Background”

Name it as “background.jpg”

Create a new layer below “background”

Layer called “Tiny”

Add an Opacity of 50%

Layer called “Tiny_3”

Add an Opacity of

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