Why is it called a flapper dress? – Images Of Flapper Dresses 1920S

Flapper dress is an informal dress and means more of a casual dress or an event dress. It is a type of dress in which the collar, and the dress itself has a flapping-back or “flutter on the back”, and it does not have sleeves. Flap dress is also more commonly called a dress of the week. In this particular case, the flapper dress also signifies a formal event or the evening’s evening gown.

What is the modern definition of flapper dress?

Flapper dress came into modern popular use around 1900 and is widely regarded amongst contemporary flappers. The word originates from the British slang verb flapper which means “to flutter back, and is similar to the English word flapper.”


The flambé or blouse (from the French franco-blouse as well as from the French form of its French name; in addition, from the French for “to flutter”) has traditionally been worn by women in the late 19th century in the United States to demonstrate their high social status and to show off their beauty. Today, the flambé has been adopted by many groups as a symbol and clothing staple to indicate a “girl next door” and is a common accessory in modern dance clubs and in pop culture. Flambé dress is also a popular costume accessory for many of the dancers at the world’s premiere contemporary dance-pop group, Girls Aloud.

When and where do I wear flapper dress?

Since flapper dress originated in the British Isles, it has been adopted by most women around the world. However, it is still a popular style in some parts of the USA and Canada, and in some parts of Asia.

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