Why is a Bob called a bob?

The name Bob refers to the fact that he does not know, nor is it possible, to call him by his first name.

To call Bob “Bob, Bob, Bob” would be the equivalent of calling him a man, since he would neither know of his family nor name them all.

Bob and the family name, Bob

The family Bob also refers to the name that has been given to our dear friend Bob.

The family which we all know and love, was referred to in this very song, as the One and Only Bob Weir. When he was born he had a name he did not know, called Bob Weir in honor of his Dad.

Bob “Bob” Weir’s family

Our sincere thanks to Bill Richards, who first suggested this name. Bob’s dad, Robert, was named, like Bob, Bob Weir.

Bob’s dad has become one of our very dear friends and neighbors, and we’re lucky to call him that.

Thanks to him, we now know how one person’s voice sounds! We’re also pretty sure it does!

So, let’s continue! How did Bob get his name changed to Bob? The story of how he came to this name starts very similar to all the other myths. Bob’s mom gave Bob some music books for his little brother. She left his guitar at the family house so she could make a note in it. Later, her guitar became broken and buried in a garden next to the house, where Bob used to hide from the rats from the woods. There was no way Bob could see those rats. He had no friends, so he decided to sing a song that would keep the cats away…or at least distract them from stealing the guitar. What he ended up playing was “Sweet Home Alabama.”

This song, as everyone knows, became a hit. In the movie “The Sweetest Thing,” Bob and the gang are forced to sing that song, and one of those songs came to be known as the song that changed Bob’s name from Bob to Bob. Bob became known as “bob.”

The song is also a good reminder to us all that if we forget our name, that name can change us too. So be very careful with those name changes!

The name Bob is a wonderful reminder to us all to remember the name that is given to us.

So, thanks for listening. Thank you, brother and sister in arms.