Why is a Bob called a bob? – Flapper Inspired Outfit

What does it mean to be a bob? The answer lies in the history of the name “Bob.” The first English-language use of the name “bob” was by a member of an English-language group called the English-speaking Sons of Liberty. In 1793 a new organization which included people from all over New England established themselves in Boston Common. After more than a day of protests, violence and destruction they called themselves the English Sons of Liberty. This is the earliest known use of the name by an English-speaking group.

The earliest recorded use of the name “Bob” was by John D. Rockefeller which occurred in the Spring of 1881. The name “Bob” was created for the purpose of advertising a new business enterprise named “The Corporation To Build and Establish the Building and Establishing of a Bob-shaped Building and Establishing of a Bob-shaped Office.” The firm, which was headed by John D. Rockefeller Jr., would eventually become known as the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation for Medical Research. [13]

The initial name for the corporation to build the Bob in New York was “BOMBRING (Rockefeller Building) Corporation” and it had a construction date of April 12, 1881 and would be located at 1 Central Park West (now Fifth Avenue and 63rd Street) in New York City. It was to be owned by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation and owned a small part of the land to build the building. [13]

On August 23, 1882 the corporation filed for a charter on the basis of its assets, and in addition it proposed that it be managed by James W. Wilson with assistance and direction of the trustees, all of whom were to be men of integrity. It also proposed to be governed by the Board of Directors and that it have the right to use the name “Bob”.

The name “Bob” was adopted by the Foundation in April 1884. The name was then changed to the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation and was used in the first few months of 1919 in the official title of the Corporation as Rockefeller Trust Company. [14]

The name was used for its first ten years, and then in the following thirty years a number of other titles were used by it. For over a century the Foundation was run entirely under the trusteeship of James W. Wilson. In 1929 a new foundation headed by James E. Rockefeller was formed [15] and it continued under President and CEO Henry F. Davison until his death in

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