Why did flappers Rouge their knees? – 1920S Flapper Dresses For Women

Flappers Rouge Their knees so they don’t get hurt.

Bert’s knees?

Bert’s knees are good because he’s never been injured.

Wendy’s knees?

Weezus’s knees are great, but she never got hurt.

Butts are great too, because they’re made for sitting.

You are the butt!

You are butt fat!

(Gives the thumbs up sign.)

The world is ending.

It’s my favorite world.

Why are you eating?

Because I’m starving. But you’re eating too.

You’re fat!

You got fat at work, right, because it’s just a job.

You’re fat because you just work there.

(Gives the thumbs up.)

Why are you fat?

Fat is a bad thing.

(Gives the thumbs up as he tries to say it a second time.)

Why did you eat me?

There was an emergency.

(Gives the thumbs up, as if he’s trying to tell the truth.)

The world is ending.

It’s my favorite world. Why are you eating?

You’re fat. Did you have a little problem with the baby or something?

I ate him.

Oh, I didn’t say that.

You’re fat. Did you eat your child?

I ate the baby.

Did something happen while you were in the hospital?

Yes. No.

Is this my favorite world?


I’ll always have that little world.

Are you fat?

Yes (no).

Don’t try to make an excuse. Eat your food!

(In the background, the camera keeps panning, showing that it’s going around the screen).

Did you see my new baby?

No! (Pause.)

Why aren’t you eating?

I need to take a look at that.

Is he nice?

Nice, he’s nice.

You’re fat?

Yes, he’s fat.

We’re eating too.

I’ve already gone.

Why aren’t you eating?

We’re having a meal together.

Who’s that?

You’ll find out.

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