Who was the most famous flapper of the 1920s? – Asos Flapper Dress

Probably, if anything, it was Frances Harper-Mercer, who was born in 1872, but lived a full century in the public eye. It’s safe to say that she didn’t earn the title of the “most famous flapper of the 1920s.” Although it would have been fitting.

Harper-Mercer was born Frances M. Perkins in 1882. Although her birthplace had already become a part of her identity, the name didn’t enter common speech until she was in her 60s. That’s a long time to be alone. So while I don’t think it would be particularly accurate to identify her in her 60s as “the most famous flapper of the 1920s”, you get the idea. She wasn’t the first to become a flapper, but she was the first to do it in a flapper outfit. : Buy PrettyGuide Women 1920s Vintage Beads ...
As the 1930s came and passed, and then the 1950s and 1960s came and passed, Harper-Mercer’s influence on women’s fashion was undeniable. She was at the forefront of fashions we still consider “fashion” today. One of the most famous stories of the Flappers was the story of Frances in a black-and-white bathing suit. She took the plunge in the mid-1920s. While the story may be as good a reason to dress like one of the ladies of the Flappers as any, the point of the story was that she was so beautiful during her first swims that she almost forgot about what she had worn. She had no intention of wearing something similar to her bathing suit again. She was inspired.

The reason to think about the early Flappers in a bathing suit is because the early Flappers had the most expensive and flashy swimsuits at that time, and they had the most expensive swim dresses, bathing suits, and bathing caps and corsets and so on. It’s safe to say they didn’t just go to the beach and swim. That’s what the early flappers wore.

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