Who made the flapper dress? – Flapper Dress 1920S Amazon

L. J. Stratton, 19 Aug 1912.

The flapper dress was made using flounced silk, and the sleeves were cut on the shoulders. It was a very long dress and was quite low-cut – to the ankle with the sleeves just barely reaching, and to the knees with just the hem reaching to almost to the knee. These are just a few of the many photographs taken of the flapper dress that I own, I’m sure, but none are complete.

Did you know that you could have made your flapper dress in this fashion if you had tried? We used to think it was so easy and fun – we’d dress up in dresses and then the men would ask us to dance, and we’d tell the whole story, and they’d laugh – we wouldn’t do that – our ladies would be very careful when they walked down the street with us. But if you’d really tried you’d see that it wasn’t so easy (which is true for any sewing, or knitting, or craftsman.)

Do you have a flapper dress?

The flapper dress is made in the style of the “tuxedo” style of gown but with an extra, much shorter skirt and lower neckline.

How do you think the flapper dress became such an icon, and which dress?

We believe flapper dresses had great staying power. They looked so glamorous and fun, you had to make a big, flashy fashion statement – all of which we saw done here from the 1930s!

For some reason or other, it is very difficult to find a flapper dress to make today. The fabric today is much more flouncy than it was then, and a more flattering fit and feel to a dress would be very difficult for men today to find!

Do you think it’s a common vintage style today?

We think it’s a timeless style that is very easily obtained today – you can buy or make your own flapper dress, and you will find that it can look very different to something you would have had 15 years ago!

In fact, we think so, too! If you were able to find a flapper dress of the period in a store of yours – one that was in like-new condition, it would probably be more appealing than a dress with some small chips and marks on it from the age-soiled rag – it would still look great after 5, 10, 15 years!

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