Who is the most famous flapper?

I’ll tell you who. I was flaccid at the moment of the kiss and my butt is still not fully recovered.

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So the girl is thinking she’s going to lose it if the flautist doesn’t get it right when he begins the overture, but he can see that it’s a very sexy time, so he’s able to get it right. And there he is, that gorgeous girl, a little shy and quiet girl, and so she tells you as much: “Oh, it’s so nice to be kissed by a flautist!” And that’s how the flautist came to be.

But what is it that makes a star flautist? I think, in the beginning, he didn’t look as good. He was just a flautist who couldn’t get the right pose right that they’d wanted from him. And a certain type of flute player who could’t perform their instrument really well. But in the beginning they got really successful, because they were pretty quick.

At the beginning, they’d have a lot of flute players who were not as talented or as fast, or a certain type of singer, but they’d come on stage, and they’d sing. And the audience would fall in love with them.

You say, “It’s a wonderful way to introduce music.” You mean, it was as good as when you hear a symphony orchestra?

Yes, and that’s what it was like for a long time—there was such a lot of people interested in flute-playing. And the first flute players were like professional jazz musicians. They were able to do the things the symphony musicians and the clarinetist or the bass or the drums did. But the ones who really took the time and the work and the attention to get right, the ones who really had the knowledge and the experience, they were able to become quite famous.

What about today? Is there something we can look forward to in the future? Are there more flautists like the ones in classical music?

Oh, definitely. I’ve had very strong experiences here in Paris. We had these young flautists who started out quite very young, and they’d come to play at a concert that we were having—they didn’t even know it was Paris. They came just from Vienna; they had no idea what they were doing and how to play the flute.

The audience started to fall in