Who is the most famous flapper?

Sara Jane Weaver, of course. A New York Times obituary named her the most likely to flaunt the skirt of the future.

Who is the most famous dancer?

I’ve never noticed, but the biggest name in the sport today doesn’t dance at all — it’s the professional tennis player Venus Williams.

Who is the most famous model?

The model that most inspires the look I’m in right now is not a model — it’s a former model: Carrie Fisher. She was so pretty but could not speak and could not talk and couldn’t eat.

Who would you put your child in the same way that you would put your father or your siblings?

I would put my son in just about any way, and I would put my children in any way, as well. My children have more options than most people out there.

What’s the worst time you’ve ever been in?

We’ve been in three world wars.

Which movie would you recommend?

I can’t believe I’ve had a little girl here who will probably cry a lot over this movie.

What’s the worst thing someone has said about you?

That I’m a coward. They don’t realize I will do anything. I will do the same thing when they bring up a problem.
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Who are the real villains in the world today?

That’s an extremely difficult question, ’cause I’d say the world would be a much better place if there were no monsters.

When you were very young, were there other children who were doing that much better than you?

Yes. The only one I can think of is a little girl named Debbie. Debbie died while she was still a young girl, on her way to her first dance lesson — my mother took her to the doctor for tests and she died. I was four or five or six and I asked her why she died when she had got the best dance instruction — the one who taught me. She said: “because you got me in one place and then I didn’t know where.” She didn’t say why and I don’t know. It just wasn’t real to me then, that’s why.

Your mother, though?

She is an angel, by the way. She is like a mother to me, and when I came out to her after having had an abortion I felt like my life had been hijacked by her at