Who invented flapper dress?

The dress was developed in the 1840’s by Florence Nightingale, the famed female doctor of charity, who had previously designed the hospital uniform for Princess Mary. It was part of a campaign to change the way people were dressed and had originally come in a form of flapper style dress, before being made in a more flattering silhouette.

Is it true that women are more likely to have cancer?

In one study from the 1920’s, around 12% more women died due to breast cancer than men. Since then, the cancer toll has increased exponentially.

Do men have higher rates of cancer?

In an old study, a team from the National Cancer Institute looked at a large dataset of 7,500 men and found that the incidence of prostate, ovarian, kidney, and pancreatic cancer was the highest in men without a family history of cancer. This is not surprising if you consider that men have a lot of sex, they have more frequent sex and higher rates of erectile function.

What are the dangers of eating red meat?

One of the worst causes of cancer in men is the consumption of red meat, especially processed meat. Research has found evidence for meat consumption in this context to increase cancer risk as well as cause more cancers. There is no evidence whatsoever that eating red meat increases one’s risk of prostate cancer or liver cancer at this point, but the research is still inconclusive.

What can the FDA do to make food more nutritious?

The Food and Drug Administration is currently considering the possible introduction of rules for how food is processed, labeling, and labeling standards. If this is not accomplished, the agency may be forced to consider rethinking the effectiveness of regulations on meat and dairy products that have been in place for decades. They may also consider introducing new regulations to address the food pyramid.

What are the advantages of living a vegan or vegetarian?

A vegan diet is based primarily around plants, grains, and legumes, while vegetarians are most likely to be lactose intolerant. The body breaks down most proteins in plant cell walls during the first 20-30 minutes of digestion by breaking down amino acids. If you are an athlete, there are many health benefits to being a vegan, and there are many excellent resources available to people who are interested in finding out what those are.

Have you been told what to eat by your parents?

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There are many conflicting studies about what children should see in the media and whether or not to