Who invented flapper dress? – Flapper Dress Plus Size Costume

We don’t know, she was probably flapper dressing in a time before you had a smartphone that was really cool and all…

What role did dress play in making the Englishwoman’s skirt more comfortable?

The skirt was a way of making a lady more comfortable. It was very elegant.

What was the woman’s response to the skirt?

The women in the street were flabbergasted but then the ladies in the house said that a man would be a strange person dressed like that.

What was the origin of the word ‘slouch’?

It’s a word that got thrown around a lot in the Victorian Age. It was used to say that you were just too slouchy but not to describe someone wearing this particular garment. The Slouchy Pants came about in the late 19th Century and were made to match a man’s trousers.

What was the role of a female in Victorian society in terms of fashion? What was dressing like a lady?

Women’s fashion changed in a lot of different ways in the last 100 years, there was a complete shift in female tastes. And so we needed things for a man to wear. But the thing about women in the Victorian Age was they wanted to be seen as pretty much a picture of perfection. If something didn’t look as good on him then it meant he was less of a man. The idea that when it comes to clothes you should look exactly what the woman thinks you should look like. And we don’t think women like the idea. Women don’t like to be stared at, and they don’t like that if they wear something it has to be a perfect thing. They don’t know what they look like and they don’t even know when they look like it.
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What was the ‘dressed to impress’ sign of the Victorian age?

So when you said ‘dress to impress’ everyone knew what that meant. If you’re going to be dressed that way then you’re going to go off and do something that you think will impress the house. You’re going to have to walk around. You’re going to have to be on one arm and in one leg. You’re going to have to look like a lady in a fancy dress. They didn’t say ‘dress to look cool’.

What did modern day fashion do to the dresses for which there is no longer a name?

Modern day fashion now focuses a lot on fashion and design. Fashion has

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