Whats a flapper in a toilet?

A flapper is a person’s genitals and is only a little larger than a tampon.

I see. So you have a flapper in a toilet, correct?

That actually happened in a hospital on a Thursday afternoon back in 2003, for the first time since World War II. A 23-year-old woman came complaining of some abdominal pain because of an old yeast infection, with a discharge from the vagina. The doctor told her to go see a doctor, but after the woman left with no information what exactly she was looking for, the doctor called her to tell her that the hospital would not provide the necessary information for her to do so, since they were still understaffed and the hospital was closed off. So the patient went to another local hospital where the doctor said the woman could have access to the right information to treat the case. The patient then went to work, but the next day the patient was not able to enter to see a doctor. Instead, she went to another clinic where the doctor agreed to take charge, and the patient got a prescription for a medicine, but she never took it. Thereafter, after the patient was given a medication, the doctor asked her if she had been able to have an abortion, but she said she had tried that and thought it wasn’t possible because of the medical condition she was in. So he asked her to bring him the test tube and let him know that she did not want an abortion. In fact, she was not able to conceive children that way, since she felt that pregnancy would kill her. Then, as the patient was going with him to get the test tube, he told her to get off her back. The patient tried to push off anyway and fell on her face. The man fell with her, and the man hit the woman on her head. She fell again with the other woman, and finally the entire group fell on them. They then held each other down by their heads, their knees to their backs. Two of the women began screaming, saying “We want to die,” and, after that, a few women got up and, when the man saw them, ran away.

The man did not say anything to me about the woman and others screaming, but I do recall hearing her say that she thought she would die in that bathroom.

That incident occurred at the same hospital where a woman who was trying to have an abortion for the first time when she went to a clinic where they had “abortion counseling