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I think it was either 1939-40 or 1940-41,” she jokes.

The woman also told us about her own career, which led her to the stage.

“I came to the stage at age 14 in the U.K., auditioning for the role of Clara, in the famous ‘O’Sullivan Show’ at the Royal Court Theatre,” she explained. “And I was given a lead role in ‘The Flap’ and immediately fell in love with the role, so I went back to London and was cast in ‘The Flapper’ and in the following years played leading roles in ‘The Flapper’, ‘The Woman from the West Indies’ and ‘The Flapper Song.'”

She said she’s thrilled she was able to share her thoughts about the movie. “I really think it’s a wonderful film, and I think it’s one of the most important cinema in the world today, especially in a time when so many Americans are feeling let down by the state of America, let down by the political system, let down by the way we live,” she said.

Mackenzie says it makes sense for the film to be called What Happened To Steve? because the movie’s opening scenes set the tone for the rest of the plot.

“That opening scene where we see Steve, we see him on a plane getting to New York, and then he gets on the ‘Panther’ and he sees his wife on the plane and he says, ‘What happened to Mrs. Jones?’ and then she says it wasn’t me,” she said. “Why that opening scene? Because you could make the case that what started in the ’40s was not what happened in the ’70s. If you saw that, there’s no reason to change the film. To make the movie more relevant, then go back and change everything, and change the setting from what happened in the ’40s.”
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We asked the lady who appeared in the movie how she felt about the current president, and she said, “I think we’ve given people in the middle class just enough to eat and pay their bills and that’s it, that’s where it ends.”

We also talked to the cast and production team about what’s coming next, including new projects such as a sequel to What Happened To Steve? and a spinoff based on another classic 1960s musical: “The Lion King.”

We were able to ask Mackenzie if the movie will

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