What shoes go with a flapper dress?

Duck boots

No one wears pants that long — no one…

You can also try a dress with a wide belt or loose pants or a cropped skirt to keep the dress a little less long and skirt a little more flowing. For a more formal, less formal look, a dress with a waistcoat works great to keep the whole thing in place.

You can wear your own blouse

Of course many of the same people can choose blouses and blazers too (that’s why so many of our dresses come with a back closure). Some people dress their coats with a bow tie on top, some choose to tie the bow with a large tie, and some wear a bow tie on the back of their blouses! You can choose an elegant coat made of wool that is very different from most other men’s coats for a look you can be proud of.

You can wear a suit

For a longer, more casual look, you can look for a suit that is a little more structured and tailored. A shirt that is made from wool that is made to fit your body perfectly or if you want to dress up your dress a little, look for a suit from a very comfortable tailor. It’s a great idea to have a tailored suit or a suit with a dress built into one of these.

You can keep the whole look simple for a more “fashion forward” style

You could try a simple floral dress (like this) or a simple silk cardigan with an embellishment that does not go over the skirt or a simple silk button up collar. A very elegant wedding dress is simple and can be worn in many ways. You could even pick up two or three different dresses from an online shop for your wedding — maybe the one with the most elaborate and complicated appliqué or the one that has a little more of a “business casual” side to it. Or go ahead and pick just one dress! You can wear a simple white or bluish taffeta dress.

You can wear a dress that is longer and more flowing

The dress is the most important part of the look, and it really shows. Some people can put on a dress and then put on a blazer. Others can put on a skirt and then a dress. But most men, and even most women, will want to look more like a model. So when selecting a dress, you want to think about what a model wears, and what you want to