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We know from the archives and other materials that the women may have worn leather sandals made for them by the bootmaker Loring. In contrast, our contemporary examples include sandals or sneakers with the upper and sole made from leather or canvas.

Why are these shoes interesting?

These early shoes are fascinating because they show that female workers like those in the US and Spain worked in much better conditions than women in other countries. We know that there were more women than men in Spain’s industry and that they were often better paid. There are also stories showing that many American women helped work the fields in the USA during the period.

Why is footwear such an important part of the story?

Women used to walk barefoot during the era, especially during the months when the rain didn’t fall, which was particularly hard for pregnant women who were unable to help themselves. During the summer months it was almost essential for women to step outside barefoot on the sand dunes to bathe and recuperate. During the long months of labour, women like Maria López and other workers who had to stand up in the hot sun without shoes could suffer a lot. The shoes that the ladies brought into the workshops allowed them to do more work and give more to their families.

So what?

You don’t have to be a scholar or an expert to find interesting facts and figures related to the women’s lives in Spain. You can read about them in a book like This is Spain (The Spanish Colonial Experience), by Maria López, published by the University of Wisconsin Press. We hope that as the year’s anniversary approaches, you have the motivation and the curiosity to read the book and try and find out more more about our fascinating women – a richly inspiring part of our history.

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In 2011, on the last week of his second term, Barack Obama had another election to win. On February 13, he’d won reelection decisively, by a margin of just over 500,000 votes. This would be the first time that he’d won the presidency, by virtue of a clear Electoral College majority. Yet he was now facing reelection in a country with a new president and a new Congress. He needed to win.

Why, then, did he choose the language of his first term’s midterm election to describe his decision to “move on” — with regard

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