What kind of coats did flappers wear? – Women’s Red Flapper Dress

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The first thing I wanted to look at was their coat styles, or the garments their hats were connected to. For example, what are the most common styles for female flappers? Was any particular style (the style of the woman) more popular than another? Do the styles vary by gender?

The following chart from the flappers of America archive shows the most popular patterns worn by the women of the 19th century:

Most common patterns worn by women of the 19th century – flapper hats on flapper hats

I was interested in how much the hat influenced the overall style of the coat. The chart indicates that the most popular design for women’s clothing was the hat (with the exception of the cinched-on tie-down). This suggests that hats were probably more important to a female flapper than a men’s coat was to their contemporary. I also wanted to know how popular the flapper’s dress was, which gave me a good idea of what clothing might have appeared to her contemporaries as a way of defining the flapper as an individual, rather than the typical, typical flapper.

Chart from the flapper archives

In looking at how flapper coats were created, I noticed that some styles were created by two different women. As you can see on the chart, many patterns used two different flapper women – not two different styles of flapper as a whole! In short, two women produced different combinations. So, who created the fashion for the female flapper?

The Female Flapper’s Coat

Of course that’s a great question, and we all want to know! In the end, no one can say, but it’s certainly interesting to consider if the design of these fashion pieces were similar to those of the men’s jackets or the women’s dresses. In turn, if you’re thinking of making a female flapper’s cape or cap with your own pattern, I hope that you’ll want to read this first and think about whether you’d want these as a base for your design.

What did other women wear and how did the female flapper fashion differ from the men’s styles? Do you think we can learn more about the female flapper fashion by looking at how other women dressed?

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