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From the 1860’s to the 1930’s, flapper coats were quite popular among women. These are traditional flapping hats. They were originally designed for ladies to wear at the summer solstice festival, and were considered pretty fashionable. However, they became less popular as Americans moved to cities, and fewer people were in the traditional villages where the holiday was held. At the turn of the century, the ladies and gentlemen in our village would go outside and go for the sun, with the same sort of sun visor, they would wear their flapper costume.

In the mid 1890’s flappers changed the idea of their hats and began to create their own clothing pieces, especially for the summer, which was now very warm. Most flappers wear the most beautiful, soft, comfortable and elegant coats, but also made out of different materials, each with very special features and uses.

How did Americans take their flappers coats from “haughty” to “mature”?

In the early 1900’s the men’s flappers dress had become an everyday thing, so, these flappers wore their clothing, their hats and coats, with the same care, carefree, and innocent look, they still had a touch of fun. They also began to wear more stylish clothes, in the 1920s the women also began to wear their flapper clothes and hats as well, and the men began to take a very mature look. Americans also started to wear their “adult” clothes too, when the 1920s was. So, we would begin showing off our new grown up clothes and our old clothes, we wanted to show that we had the “grown up” look, that we are still grown up, so we needed a new coat, and it was the same one, but it came from somewhere, like a sewing machine, this simple “flapper” coat was used throughout the 1920’s to the 1930’s, in our village it may take a great many different things, but it will still be something different, very unique, I am not the only one who has the same story though…

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