What is a flapper girl? – 1920S Flapper Dress Pictures

A flapper girl, also known as a foppish doll, is a doll with a wide-open bust. Some girls wear their long, thin costumes flapped about loosely. This allows the doll to be quite revealing in the middle of a flapper look. The doll may also have long, open hair and a high waist, although this may vary from doll to doll. Flappers are often made from delicate fabrics. Often, a doll’s waist has no bust, and the doll wears loose, loose clothing that covers the middle-calf area.

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Flappers are worn in traditional flapper dresses and may or may not be made with more than one body part. In modern flapper fashion, women may wear more than one costume item at a time.

Flap dresses are usually pink and may be made of silk, satin or lace, depending on the design of the dress. They are often cut very close to the body, sometimes just a little below the waist. The outer sides of the dress show off the doll’s breasts, and the dresses may be very tight. These are called open styles and are known as ‘flower styles’.

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Clipped dresses are usually made of satin and usually have a neckline around the waist. They are long, low-cut dresses worn on top of dress or in the mid-calf area.

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