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The Gainsborough girls are not actually named after actor Gainsborough from the 1939 Hollywood film; it’s actually named after former BAFTA-winning actress Ann-Margret, who played Margret Gainsborough in both the film and the TV series.

So, in other words, the ‘bewildered’ ladies, who are obviously the closest thing you’ll ever find to a modern-day version of the real ones, would look just like the stars of the fictional Gainsborough girls from the 1930s BAFTA-winning comedy.

This also means that all you’d need to put on a fancy dress for a Gatsby party would be some good old-fashioned ‘Brunello’ heels (Picture: Caters)

‘The women are very well known, and are very strong, and will fight with anyone but their man,’ added the site.



‘There are plenty of other great women who don’t have to hide behind makeup or expensive clothes to be the perfect Gaysburgh girls.

‘We don’t recommend this, because your Gaysburgh girls would be too self conscious.’

A BAFTA winner (Picture: Caters)

So, if only there was a way to disguise yourself in Gainsborough-inspired glamour…

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