What do you wear to a Great Gatsby party? – Retro Stage Wedding Dress

To find out if you can keep up to par, take a look at our handy guide to the Great Gatsby manors—the hottest, nicest, smartest and most outrageous!

If you are not a fan of hot air balloons or air-conditioned parties, you may also enjoy the following tips from the great authors of the “Gilded Age” who lived in these seedy homes:

“The best thing about being a Gilded Age celebrity is that you never have to worry about being noticed.”

—Harper’s Magazine

“To me, the Gilded Age is a time to escape, to be a gentleman—a man of your own age, of your own class, and with your own taste, and to know what you can do.”

—The Times, London

“It’s like being a character in a play. You don’t know if you are the hero or a villain. You never get to be in control.”

—Chicago Tribune

“The Gilded Age was an age of opportunity and of the greatest vanity… a time when the rich and the powerful were able to throw lavish parties and parties in an atmosphere of wealth and glory.”

—Vanity Fair

Get the best Gilded Age parties in the Chicago area

There are a ton of Gilded Age parties and events in Chicago. This guide will help you find the most fun, most delicious, most upscale event in the city.

Note: This list is for the Chicago suburbs and is for only the first week of April. There are plenty of events before then, so try looking later in the season.

First, consider your city. Some of the places in the suburbs offer the Gilded Age atmosphere. It is the suburbs that are the most attractive of all. You should visit these places early in the day on weekdays and later in the day or evenings when they are crowded with revelers.

When you’re done, be on the lookout for similar parties in the suburbs with similar themes. You can always attend them at your convenience—a few weeks in advance or the next time you need a place and can’t be there on weekdays. When in doubt, head to Gilded Age weekdays when they are even crazier.

The party

If you want to be a Gilded Age star, this is the party for you. This party is designed to make you feel like you are a star,

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