What do you wear to a Great Gatsby party? – Plus Size Cheap Flapper Dresses

And if that means going with a “real” designer, is the answer no?

It’s definitely worth spending the $3,000 on a proper suit, according to Chris Bales, the founder of Bales Fashion Design.

“When you do a Great Gatsby party you can’t wear a tuxedo because everyone is too formal,” he says. “If not a suit, then something less formal with a suit and tie.”

As for getting an actual Gatsby dress, most people think they have to go with a designer outfit, Bales says. “I would suggest you buy it yourself.”

“My favorite Gatsby accessory is a silk-screened silk bow tie,” he says. “It’s my least favorite accessory — I’ve tried many different things with it.”

This is the point where the Gatsby question comes to a head, so let’s begin by looking at an actual outfit that Gatsby would wear: A white satin blouse from a well-known Italian designer, which you can pick up at Anthropologie for between $80 and $100.

A suit will cost more, as Will Smith says on the documentary for the Oscars, but it’s not really necessary since Will is the one who bought the suit, anyway. Will says it’s more of a matter of personal preference.

In my humble opinion, the best Gatsby costume is made from a cheap leather jacket the designers of American Vogue wore to a pre-Empire Ball in New York and was named “The Worst Look.”

When you’re shopping for a Gatsby costume, make sure it suits your body type. If you’re naturally slim, a suit can be more of a problem — like a “D-cup” with a jacket that can feel too tight.

This year, there are Gatsby themed parties on the schedule with more than 40 participating designers and designers have even started the new Gatsby Club which is specifically for men.

If you want to have a Gatsby party without being completely embarrassed, check out Bales Fashion Design. They’ve put together a collection of costumes for Gatsby parties — with everything from silk-screened silk ties to silk suits to silk jackets. For the most budget-friendly Gatsby costume, Bales suggests a custom-designed silk-screened silk blouse.

Bales also has the ability to make custom Gats

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