What did they wear in the 20s? – Flapper Dress Images 1920S Prohibition

1955: A couple of black ties, mostly ties and sweaters, and a couple of shirts. I think that’s how the band got their start. I mean, there were probably a couple of women who wore dresses then!

1960s: The clothes are all white and there’s no clothes on the faces of the people. So that’s what I think of the early bands. It’s like the first band to be made of people!

1962-1966: There is no band in the UK at the time. So that is where they start to get started.

1967: I think they did the same thing. There is no band at the time. They’re just taking what they found at the gigs and they were making their own clothes.

1972: I think a lot of those bands came from London. They were making their own clothing and they made their own logo and that’s when it all changed. They used to wear the sleeves because we didn’t have sleeves but then they were wearing them.

1972: The band starts to do the stuff that we’re making now!

1972: The only thing they didn’t have then was the guitar but now they have the axe! They have a guy with a beard that plays the axe!

1972: The singer has got a new haircut! He shaved off the beards and had these curly hair, which has become the trend!

1972: The singer went back to school!

1972: So the band was in a garage in Hackney and started to make clothes. If they wore anything other than white or black, they were not allowed to enter.

1972: Now they’ve changed in size. They look slightly bigger!

1972: They do the look on the cover of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ – in black and white! They haven’t changed in decades, or at least that’s what I thought.

1973: In the early Seventies these pictures were taken by Mike Davis as a kid, when he was a rock star.

1973: What they’re wearing today? And how tall they are!

1973: They started to dress up – I think they used to be called ‘bands of destiny’.

1973: This is taken in the late 70s where they could wear a bow tie. They also make their own jackets with the back cut off. They don’t wear the sleeves anymore!

1973: They still wear

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