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Flamenco flapper was one of the very first dresses, which were worn as the dressiest fashion at the time, with lace, velvet, beads, and ribbons on the armholes. Later, the dress became the most popular for wedding day.

Flamenco flapper is not only about the color, but that each fabric has its own personality and its own charm. In general, fanned lace was popularized in Spain for the 1920s, while fustian was very popular in Spain of the 1950s.

Flamenco flapper is also known as tassel dress, which is why in some countries, this dress is referred to as the tassel dress. Because the tassels have different colors, depending on the type of fabric used and on the type and size of the tassel, the design of this wedding dress becomes quite important.

Flamenco flapper is quite easy to make, so you can be a flapper in no time and start showing off your wedding party or your love interests the one day you want them to flaunt their style. Even though fustian is popular in many parts of the world, flamboyant tassel dress has become one of the most popular wedding dresses in recent years among the most educated families and with modern people in terms of fashion.

How to buy real flapper?

You can purchase the wedding dress in various materials, including silk, velvet, fur on the arms and shoulders, and even with lace and pearls or chic with sequins or pearls on the neckline. But it is better to go with silk flapper and get it with the most amount of embroidery or gold thread. The main advantage of this style is that you could show it off to your friends as a gift. The second difference is that fustian and flapper look similar and some people choose both instead. Therefore, choosing the better and more expensive item is always easier in comparison.

You can choose from different types of flapper dress, the styles of embroidery patterns that are used, and even the materials of the fustian dress. To make the best choice, please carefully read my information below.

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How to buy real flapper?

First of all, make sure the dress you want to purchase is in a size that you can wear with your

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