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About This Game

Key Features

Told in the first person. No other combat game has ever told the story of life and the military in such a unique way.

The best RPG story has ever been told.

Take command of a soldier. Make decisions that will affect your squad and the team.

Make tough decisions in battle with no save state.

The choices you make in battle will have consequences in the story.

Dive into combat with your own squad.

Fight and survive against the toughest enemies this side of the stars.

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Realistic sounds that will immerse you in the world of the military.

A gripping story involving the politics of war.

Challenging objectives and tactical combat.

Use your squad’s skills in battle.

Sail Away.

Gather friends and take command as the US Navy in the mid-20th century, as we are plunged toward war in the South Pacific.With a new version on our way we are excited to release our newest game of the series, the highly anticipatedand will continue to add new features, combat and gameplay mechanics, and content in the process…We want you to be part of our first-person combat action story.We believe this story offers a new experience that no other game can offer right now.”The only way into the war is with friends and the only way out is with death. Take the role of the commander on a ship that is being scuttled.”Sail Away. is a turn-based tactical combat game set in the early part of the First World War. You take control of a small USN ship, the S.S. Littrow, in the South Pacific where its crew is all fighting for their lives as battles rage on.As the commander, you must determine who your squad is for the mission ahead and then lead them through a selection of tactical and tactical-based scenarios to accomplish your objective. You will face a vast spectrum of enemies and fight for survival in difficult scenarios such as a minefield, a Japanese attack, and a naval battle with the Japanese submarine force; with more in store as you fight your way through this ever-changing map.There are no save states like in other games of this type. The only way to progress and complete your mission is through the actions you take within a time period.”As the commander, you have the ability to choose what actions to commit to a task at any time.