What did men wear in the 1920s? – Super Plus Size Flapper Dresses

I have no idea! The only uniform I can think of that I found out about is the short sleeved shirt, with buttons. The only other option was jeans like the ones worn in the movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1928). (In the movie, the actor wearing them was Johnny Depp.)

The clothing was also very cheap because it was so much shorter and lighter in color than what we would wear today. I thought that men didn’t wear pants anymore, but this is probably the correct thought. I know that most of us used to wear a skirt under pants, but when the dress code tightened, it was almost impossible. I was 13 at the time, so my dad was in the Army. But the Army never wore pants!

Many sources claim that women didn’t wear pant’s, at least in those days, but since we weren’t women, we couldn’t ask and couldn’t prove to them if they were true. We were also a few years behind in our knowledge about wearing pants and the women wearing them on a par with men.

This is from the book: The Early Years: Women at the Front in World War Two:

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The first military dress in World War I consisted only of white uniforms and tunics. The short skirts did not, as a rule, exceed half an inch below the knee. The skirts, which were the length of almost a woman’s legs, were worn in some of the Army uniforms. A short skirt was one of the only military clothing that men wore in the trenches. They didn’t wear pants because they could not take off the breeches while walking. They looked too tight during the winter, and they were dirty and damp. They used to wear a skirt or even a skirt over the front or back of their army tunics. There were also short shirts worn over military jacket when they went forward to the forward trenches. They didn’t wear the white woolen garments called a “dove” to cover their arms and legs because they did not seem to work anymore for the trenches in the trench warfare.

They were not permitted to wear a double-breasted collar shirt and a white woolen or woolen blouse with a slit cut on one shoulder. The men had a very common pair of double breasted trousers called a “pasty” that had a narrow waist and a button in the front. This was just for the ladies, not for the men. Only the white woolen trousers that the men wore

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