What colors were popular in the 70s?

“Pink. That was the color to be used,” says Markie, who still wears a pink blouse today. “And that was the color to wear at a party — you could wear it to a party and not take it off.”

How different was it when I was a kid and now? Well, I’m very glad you asked.

Markie laughs. “I mean, I think the colors are all over the place now — in general, in the States, maybe it’s more like it was 20 years ago, but there are a lot of colors to choose from. I have a pretty good taste,” she says, flashing her white and blue fingernails.

Still, when she’s wearing a pink blouse, Markie thinks of her mom and grandmother.

“I kind of see them, like, every time, so it is nostalgic for me,” she says.

As for the color-changing blouse?

“I think it’s funny that they’re still like this,” Markie says with a smile.

“I think they’re going out to be different people,” says Markie’s dad, Brian. “It’s like going on a vacation in my opinion,” he adds.

Markie says her mom used to always wear black, but she gave it up to join her sister, who is black.

“It’s just a tradition, I guess,” she says.

But when her mother was out the house, Markie remembers her wearing a pink outfit once or twice — like a school swimsuit, she says.

“She would just wear her tiniest black t-shirt and a green top and all-over black leggings and heels,” says Markie. “I think it was when she was going around to see family.”

And, with the transition from boy to girl — it was all about being yourself, Markie says.

“The last dress she ever wore was a pink one, and a pink tank top. She was just meek — she was still in that stage. She was just going by her feelings, and was not a lady,” says Markie.

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As she talks, she looks out the window toward our house, to the sky, and back at us with a huge smile.

“It’s the other side of life you’re going to take and make the best of it. And if you just smile for the