What colors were popular in the 70s? – Plus Size Vintage Flapper Dresses

“Pink, purple, blue, gold, brown, black, yellow, dark green, and a lot of other colours.

There are a lot of colours which were popular to the 80s!”

And now, what did those colours represent?

“It’s all just a blur. And not a very good blur, but it was a good blur then.”

Did any of your friends buy your “Blackout” t-shirt?

“Oh yeah, about 30” said Michael.

We didn’t believe you.

The ’80s came and went, but the 70’s were an absolute craze.

That’s what you’ll always remember with the t-shirts you wear today.

It was the best time for everyone who got into the sport, including yourself.

What’s been your favourite Blackout ever?

“I would say my favourite was probably ‘Blackout’ for the first 4/8 of the year.”

Why is it so expensive to wear it today?

“You have to have some kind of protection, and a very strong case, to protect your T-shirt.

I think about $50-$100 is about right.”

In case you ever have the urge to get this t-shirt, you won’t have to worry about being chased around the streets, but you’d better be prepared to pay for your clothing.

For more pictures with Michael, and the rest of the incredible team who are putting on this great event, check out our photos album, and for more Blackout info visit

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The boys are on an episode of Sex and the City where they decide to have a shower together, because girls just aren’t doing it for them.

It gets awkward for everyone but for me, I’m a big fan of women. You’ll see.

A man in a wheelchair was taken to hospital after being shot in the head Thursday morning in the Gage Park neighbourhood.

It happened near Eglinton Avenue East and Humber River Boulevard at about 9 a.m., according to police. The man — later identified as 39-year-old Joseph D’Angelo — was in a wheelchair before a car sped out of the area.

He was left bleeding and with a non-life threatening injury.

He was treated and released from SickKids Hospital. An investigation is ongoing into the shooting.


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