What colors were popular in the 70s? – Party City Flapper Dress

Pink, which is a new fashion these days in fashion. I used to be green, just like in the Seventies and early 80s, so I think that’s why it got popular that decade.

Was your hair pink the entire time?

Yeah, as did everybody else’s hair. But it’s like, a pink that doesn’t grow out.

What styles were popular in the 70s?

I don’t even know what the words were for the clothing I wear. I wear a skirt because I like the way it makes me feel and it looks nice. It looks so beautiful.

Have you seen the movie?

I haven’t. We both had to go see it. So yeah, I’ve seen the movie.

Did you hear about the original film?

I read it because I had to wait until I got married. I was so excited, because we were very close in high school — it was like, “We’re going to be on the cover of Allure.” She gave me the jacket at a flea market in Manhattan and that was my wedding. We went to see the movie [in the early ’80s].

Are you wearing a black one?

No, we’re going to wear a pink one.

Would you have wore the original film?

At the time, I was just too busy with school, and I had to wait until I got married.

What’s it like watching an actress get to have such a classic style?

I mean, it’s crazy that you can do this with your hair. I couldn’t do it with anyone, but I’m kind of happy that I was able to. It’s such a fashion statement.

What’s it like working with her now?

It was a beautiful experience. I don’t want to make too much of it.

What do you look for when hiring girls?

You want people who have a certain sense of style. We don’t want people to be a bit out of the trend. We really look for girls who do have the look. We know that it is a must that the hair is long, in a ponytail, that the hair is dark, and it has a certain way of flowing like the kind of hair that a girl would have done 50 years ago — not a really short, very short hair.

What’s it like to work with her now?

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