What colors were popular in the 1980’s? – Flapper Dresses 1920

The 1980’s was the decade which saw both high and low production standards (and a spike in cocaine sales). In the 1980’s a lot of people were still into high technology like computers. In the 1980’s the “color palettes” of cars were still a little bit new to people.

But when you look at the cars these days it seems like there are a lot more chrome and high-tech paint than there used to be. If you look at the cars in the 1980’s, they’ll definitely look a lot better than the cars you’ve now.

Now look back at this period in your adult life. What car color would look the best on you?

I know most of the colors were either really blue or dark gray or blackish. But there was one color that did really well: black. I think a little bit of black would be fun and you’ll like the colors on my white car.

You said some of these colors were the same as in a 60’s car, but some of them were newer then the others – like light green and red. What’s your favorite color from that group?

What I love to do is to look at my garage sale cars and I’ll say “this old car” color. This is where I’ve gotten the most pleasure out of looking at my garage sale cars. It’s like you’re watching a movie or it’s your first time seeing the car. It’s like you’re looking at the car and it’s a special one. It’s like, “Wow! I’m in a movie!” I’ve got a certain “feel” for these cars but it doesn’t mean I can’t learn something new.

In addition to buying high and low production cars, you also have to look at their condition. Do you think you might sell your favorite car? For the record, your favorite?

Yes I do. I bought my car in the 50’s when it had had all the chrome work done and everything painted. When the car was in my garage sale and I was looking around at it I knew I had to sell it because it was so beautiful. When people go to your garage sale, you know that it had some problems because of all the labor and the amount of work it needed to go into. When you see this car there’s nothing left in it. The chrome is there, the tires are there, the headlights are there but it just doesn’t have a quality to it. When you

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