What colors were popular in the 1920’s? – Red Flapper Costume

1940’s – “Red” and “Black” dominated.

1960’s – Whites dominated.

1970’s – Blacks dominated.

1980’s – “Golds” dominated.

1990’s – White dominated.

2000’s – Blacks dominated.

2010’s – Whites dominated again (though, again, with lots of diversity).

In the 1960’s, the dominant color was “purple.” I am aware that this was a color back then. (See the image of the 1960’s poster at the end of this article.) (It is a blue one, so I presume it is from the 1940s.)

In the 1970’s, the dominant color was “red.” (This is the color that dominated the 1970’s, in that it was still in full-blown full force at the time.) We are going to look more at the 1970’s in general.

In the 1980’s, the dominant color was “blues.” Blacks dominated for a bit, until things got less black/blues. But the color changed again, and then it lost a lot of its “fade out” aspect.

In the 1990’s, the dominant colors were “fuchsia” and “turquoise.” (This is my favorite color.)

In the 2000’s, the predominant colors were “yellow,” and “pink.”

In 2010, the dominant color was “yellow” – but with lots of color variety and the dominant color was “teal.”

The colors with the most colors in them

If you don’t understand color theory, the picture below isn’t all that helpful. This only helps in determining which colors the movie (or picture) has the most colors in it, and what combinations those colors have on its surface (that is, how closely do they overlap).

It also helps if you know what color theory looks like (also known as “computational color theory” or CCT). A lot of it comes up in the discussion of image contrast (that is, how much the color contrast between the background and whatever image in the frame makes it similar to the image.)

One thing that the chart doesn’t tell us is whether this is actually the total number of colors in the picture. The chart shows two very different things. It shows us that there were only 1,600 colors in the picture (one for each of the four main colors), and then it shows us that there

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