What colors were popular in the 1920’s? – 20S Flapper Dress Transparent Dressings Purpose

The colors that people wore in the 1920’s were a mix of yellow and pink.

In the 1930’s most people were using blue for business casual as well. A lot of the people were wearing black suits, but some people were wearing blue too.

What was popular at the end of the 1920’s?

The 1930’s had the best years. There were lots of summer vacations. There were lots of bright colors. People were still in the habit of buying colors that they thought would be good in summer. They’d have people on vacation and they’d be in green suits, or they’d have people in white suits. They’d have the idea that the colors were good in summer.

What kinds of clothing was popular in 1920’s, 1930’s?

People used to wear the same kinds of clothing in two different years. People had the same clothes in the summertime, and also in the winter or in springtime. In fact, people used to wear the same clothes in springtime as in the summertime. Some people would wear an entire outfit in one day. Some people would wear an entire outfit in two days.

For people who wore a lot of clothing and was concerned about color, there were lots of things you could do. You could use colored thread or paint. But the first thing to try was color pencils. Because of that fact, you could take a color pencil from your box of color paints and you can use colored pencil and you can use colored ink.

One of the things that people might do on vacation in the 1920’s—just after you had taken a break from school—was to go to the local hardware store to buy a color pencil. Or they might bring it back to school so that they could use that color pencil to make their writing and so that they could write in a particular way.

What about when you’re out shopping to try on clothes?

In the 1920’s, there was no such thing as looking for the latest, the hottest things. A lot of people went to the stores and asked for clothing that was a little bit “a little bit different” than the other clothes. When you look at the items around you, you might not be looking at something that is a little bit different.

A lot of people liked to go out shopping and find something that they didn’t own, so even though most people didn’t have clothes for their kids, they went and bought some clothes for kids.

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