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Well let’s start with the flapper dresses. Flapper dresses were popular throughout the 19th century. In fact the name “flapper” actually means the same thing that it does today – flappers. They were a loose-fitting, low-heeled dress, with a ruffled neckline and short sleeves. The most common color of flapper dresses were red, white or cream. A few even had diamonds, but diamonds were rare.

In spite of its popularity, flapper dresses were not cheap. To buy a dress, you had to go through a flapper store. These were small shops that sold pretty much whatever flapper dress you wanted. They didn’t charge too much; usually a few dollars a piece.

Once you bought her dress, you had her name. Her name might include her name, date of birth, weight, height, and anything else that you wanted to have printed on her dress. You couldn’t name her dress, because by the time you found out that your friend loved her dress, she had already sold it.

Didn’t you know that flappers used paper dolls at their dresses, too?

Yes! They didn’t have any dolls in their dresses, since the paper dolls were too heavy! They had a tiny little doll’s head with two small eyes, and a small red nose. The nose was painted in a variety of colors, and it took some time to dry. The paper doll’s feet were just small, round and made of paper.
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There wasn’t a very good word for a paper doll; the dolls were called “paper dolls,” since their hands had to be made of paper. In some parts of the world, a “paper doll” was the only thing that an old person could hold. Once one got old, their paper arms and legs could be eaten, so the paper doll was the last option of comfort if you were a bit old.

Do you know why there were flappers and old people wearing all pink?

Many flappers and old people used to wear pink. Flappers wore pink because it was a bit of a trend in the 1800’s. In the 1920’s, things began to change, and people felt that a pink dress should be their new color of choice for special occasions.

The idea that everyone should only dress in colors that appealed to the young attracted the attention of the men. In 1842, a group of men from Brooklyn New York decided to

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