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Well, the flapper dress was a form of blackness to me. It was a black dress with an all white skirt and white stockings that seemed to be a mixture of cotton and wool. It was a little more fashionable back in the day. Even though it still made me feel like I was missing some part of my heritage, I did look and act like a flapper dress.

So here is her dress, I don`t know why she wore it but it was a little more stylish that the one in her picture so she probably wasn`t a fashion freak.

You can see that it was a bit tighter on her legs than her picture shows. She had to wear a strapless bra under her dress (which was quite tight, like almost to the point of hurting her modesty) and they probably looked good in an uptight, conservative family. At the top (as on the dress) her shoulder pads show her bust. Also, she had a very nice pair of shoes for a housewife or a girl who wanted to wear a more elegant style of dress.

She probably dressed like this because she wanted to see how the world looked at her. She loved to be seen and noticed. What a girl wants! She wanted to be noticed and be recognised as a person. That’s what flapper dresses taught me.

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1. A person or a body’s characteristics are the way they behave and react

2. A person is a combination of genes and environment

3. A group of people are a specific way of being human.

4. A person is who they are regardless of their environment.

5. A relationship is a group of related people who get along and share goals and goals are mutually beneficial.

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6. When a relationship goes south, it is the responsibility of each member of the relationship not only to support the other, but to try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

7. I am the boss, so it is in my right to set a schedule for my staff. This includes when my staff get to work, take time off on the weekends and holidays, etc..

8. The job of a politician is to make the world a better place for my constituents by addressing issues that affect all of us.

9. We are all just human beings living with the challenges and difficulties we face.

10. It is not a social contract that states that what is socially

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