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The first flapper fashion appeared in the early 1880s in Paris. It involved the use of red lipstick. There were two shades of red: the lighter and the darker. It was the darker shade that was considered prettier.

The first style to be popular with American flappers was the ‘Flamboyant Flapper.’

Flamboyant Flapper

Flamboyant Flapper (1881) (Photo by James M. Coates, via the Free Library of Philadelphia) American flappers with Fiery Flapper

The other styles that were popular were the Fiery Flapper, the Fiery Flash and the Double Flapper. They were all made in silver.

The Fiery Flapper was originally designed by French artist Louis-Auguste Blanchard. The Flapper was a ‘marching style’ with a flared skirt. It featured high, thin, short and pointed ears and a small waist. It had thin, straight legs, long, pointed, and high, ankle-length, ankle-high, wide, knee-high ‘skirts.’ The waist was held together by three straps. In the Fiery Flash, the skirts were long and narrow, and the thigh was held together by large, ankle-high, knee-high ‘ponchos.’ The style was designed to show off the woman’s cleavage. The Fiery Flash was also designed with the head as big as she could make it.

How many layers in a tattered dress?

In a tattered dress, layers of cloth will give you more coverage. The most important thing is to keep the layers in place, especially the neck, the waist and the upper body. Try and keep all the seams lined with cloth to seal the seam between the pieces.

What’s your favorite skirt?

A skirt is a skirt is a skirt. There is no wrong way to go with a skirt. Some flapper dresses were made in simple colors, while others were made in a variety of shades. Many flappers like to keep their skirts simple. Some dresses were made with simple fabric, like a flapper vest, while others were made with lace, lace neckerchiefs, pleated skirt or with a skirt made of lace and lace appliques.

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