What are 5 words to describe a flapper? – 1920S Flapper Dress Amazon Uk

These words make that flapper sound… FLAPPER-ish.

Flappers have a unique look and feel that is both appealing and unique. They have long hair, bright lipstick, and vibrant colors.

Flappers use their long hair, bright lipstick, and vibrant colors to make women feel great about themselves and to give the impression they are all about flaunting themselves!

Flapper Accessories

Flapper accessories make flappers great accessories. You can take your flapper with you even when you are not wearing it. Your clothes will not match, you may feel cold, there may be stains, and a lot of flapper clothing will be lost in your wash and can be reused!

You can wear a flapper as an accessory or wear it at all times in your outfit. The one thing you can say about this particular style is you really have to get a flapper and wear your hair and lipstick all the time.

What if I love a color?

This is a question I get emailed a lot. The answer is to make sure it makes you feel good about yourself. Some flappers are a natural blonde. Other flappers are very pale. You can choose as you like flapper colors but remember these colors really have nothing to do with what you look like!

Do you want to get some help deciding what color or color combination is right for you? Here is a great tool of color combinations I created.

The main colors for flapper are:

Red/brown (great for the beach and party look)

Deep blue/purple

Bright purple (for night time when you get a lot of sun)


Bright pink

These color combinations are not always easy to achieve. Some flapper will look great only in light blues, purples, or grays. Other flappers look great with browns, greens, and bright colors. However, I am always a big fan of bright colors.

When buying Flapper Colors

Flapper colors are generally bought in 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/4, 1/3, and 1/7 sizes. However, if you really need something specific you can check out my sizing chart or you can search online to see if a flapper looks best in a certain size.

What are the Differences Between the Different Flappees?

Most flapper colors have a slightly darker version of

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