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Although flappers didn’t start flapping until the 1920s, it was very common to use their distinctive flapping for many years. They were seen in the 1920s in flapper cafes and bars, they had similar names to today’s flappers such as a “flower girl flapper”, a “giddy girl flapper”, and one of the first female flappers, called “the flapper girl”. In 1922 the term “flapper style” was coined by American flapper artist Alice Stebbins, where she coined the term flapper in relation to her flapper style. She gave it a different name that used the “t” in FLAPPING instead of “flapper”.

In the 1920s many flappers began to practice “flapping down, flapping up”, and flamboyant dress that sometimes included dresses to cover the entire body. The word was popularised by an American flapper called Grace Slick who made fashion magazines on one magazine called “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Grace Slick wore dresses and jewelry that were extremely bright for the 1920s. Grace Slick was one of the most popular and well-known flapper women in the 1920s.

Many flappers took inspiration from Grace Slick and tried to emulate her style of dress, but some flappers started to wear turtlenecks as a compromise. In 1923 it was the fashion to dress turtlenecks in many different styles such as turtlenecks in a flapper style, floral, floral with a flapper style, and a flower girl with a flapper style.

1936 is the year of the first flapper “flap” being filmed by the film producer J.J. Bickerton – a “flapper style” clip featuring Grace Slick. This clip was used for the advertisements of an American clothing firm called “The Flappers”, and showed the flapper style of dress. The style was known as FLAPPING down, FLAPPING up and Flapping down.

Other films of Grace Slick were filmed during the same time that “Flapper Style” was emerging into the American popular culture. Her style of dress made the flapper style famous in the United States.

In 1947 one woman called Alice Stebbins invented “the flapper and wrote the book “Flappers” about her life as a flapper. The book was very popular in the US.

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1947 saw more women

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