How much does a toilet flapper cost? – Roaring 20S Sequin Dress

Wedding party toilet flapper’s cost vary between $20 – $80. You will need to get a custom made shower curtain as per your wedding style and personal preference. And then you need to make sure that your toilet flapper is sturdy enough to stand up to the stress of the wedding.

How many are used per reception?

Most of us love the idea that our toilet flapper will be available for use throughout all of our receptions. We like that it will be able to be used at any age as it gives you the option of using toilet flappers during any wedding reception. You might even be able to go one step further and use it at your own weddings too – if you have any friends who like to party – you will have a handy excuse for using your toilet flapper throughout your social gatherings.

What’s the difference between a flapper for men only and for women only?

For the men only toilet flapper, it is a smaller and more intimate size than the normal toilet flapper. We generally use that as a basis for the price and the style. But some brides like the large size because they love having that extra room in their bathrooms.

Are toilet flappers made like shower curtains and how do I care for them?

They are generally made from a soft, organic cotton fabric, not as expensive as regular curtain material, but still quite economical. They are available in sizes from small to XXL (Large is available here).

How many toilet flappers are you going to sell per reception?

There are three ranges available from $75-300+ per toilet flapper. But we try our best to keep prices at those levels. In the case of toilet flappers, we don’t necessarily want people to purchase more than one flapper at a time, so we normally get a refund on each purchase when someone fails to buy one, or in some cases just cancels their order for bad delivery reasons. We hope that by offering so many choices, you will feel confident in placing your order online. We like to see the number of flappers we sell as a way to keep prices within our budget, without being too much of a squeeze on people’s wallets. We hope this helps you get to know us better and understand what we can do for you!

What toilet flappers are you selling?

You can order from our website or through your preferred distributor.

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