How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt?

You need a flat, stiff sheet of material, with at least three sides.

It needs to be thick-textured/smooth. (e.g. wool/acrylic-coated wool/lacquer-coated nylon)

I also think the flapper dress is very delicate/sexy to wear, so it is good for warm weather.

If you want to add a skirt, use something like a skirt made of soft elastic and use a little stretch of the material to make them tighter/fit better. (Hems like elastic with stretch) (Or just cut some of the fabric into pieces) then stuff them. Once you’ve glued the skirt together you can sew or do a hem for a look.

I do have instructions for sewing the piece together in the first post. I will post the second part in the next day or so.

For details on the first part about how to make a flapper dress like this, click here:

How long do they last? What about washing them before use?

It’s up to you to measure and make a good fit between the length and gauge of the fabric. Most garments like dresses are cut at 2 sizes too small. I usually wear a 20cm length, and the length in the video is 30cm.

If you want to buy something to make a skirt-and-dress style outfit with more length, please visit my page with how to make a skirt here:

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