How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – Gold Flapper Dress

It may be time for a second flapper and a more advanced model. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a flapper dress out of a shirt! You don’t need to buy anything you never put in a closet like an at shirt. You can find a simple at shirt that you like and make this fashion in your own home with a few basic skills and materials!


– A plain and basic shirt

– One piece of fabric

– Sewing thread and needle

– Scissors


First, get your shirt plain and don’t put too much in the wash! After you get it plain, it’s time to sew on the neck band. You want the neck band to be as thin as possible. I used a 2-inch wide, 1 inch long zipper. I also made a pocket for them. I will show you how to do it later.

Step one: Measure your shirt collar. Measure from the top of the front of the shirt to the bottom of the collar.

Step two: Cut 1-1/2 inch of material for the neckband. This will be the neckband you will turn into fabric.

Step 3: Sew a zipper using the fabric as a template with the thread. Sew the zipper into the fabric by hand, not machine.

Step 4: Put the bottom hemline on top of the fabric hemline and fasten.

Step 5: I made the sleeve pockets for the shoulder straps in the middle of the bottom and placed some fabric between them for extra support.

Grey Loose Fitting Long Back Midi Dress | FIGL | SilkFred
Step 6: I attached more pocket for each of the side straps.

Step 7: I attached the back pockets to the bottom where you attached the zipper. This is to give the pocket an extra “sleeve” shape.

Step 8: Turn the fabric over, fold it over halfway, and sew using the thread as seen in the picture. Make sure that you fasten the waist band correctly.

Step 9: I cut half a sleeve off of the bottom pocket. After it’s cut, I like to put it in a bowl and mix it very well. Then it’s dry sewn. I just put a bunch of glue on the bottom and attach it to the bottom of the shirt.

Step 10: Using the thread and needle for this simple step, sew the buttonholes on the front.

Step 11: Sew the front buttons. First I tried

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