How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – 20S Flapper Dresses For Sale

Here’s a tip for sewing up a plain T-shirt skirt.


One (1) button down shirt

One (1) button down dress

One (1) button up skirt


Press all button down shirt and skirt together, iron (or use double side)


Turn one shirt front and back, so the back of the shirt sits up.

Pull the two collars of the shirt down, so they sit up at the same time.

Take the front and front of the dress, pin the collars over the top, and pin one side of the skirt.
1920s Black Floral Sleeveless Knit Flapper Day Dress

Press the two dresses together, and fold them over, so that they look like a T-shirt skirt.

Turn both shirts, then iron.


(Image: NASA Ames)

If Nasa’s future space missions look a lot like its past, then it could mark the beginning of space exploration as a whole.

The space agency is already planning two missions to Mars in the 2030s. But those are just the starting points. There’s a lot of exploration up the road, in hopes of creating a sustainable space ecosystem.

The future of space exploration has not been without controversy as it prepares to hit one of its milestones. In 2007, Nasa set the goal to send humans to Mars by 2024. It’s the longest journey ever attempted on this planet – more than twice the distance to travel to the moon.


Now the agency is looking to improve on how it gets to Mars – and its approach is to look at the planet from an Earth-centric point of view.

Planetary scientist JPL’s Michael Suffredini says the agency is looking at Mars from different angles, rather than taking the same approach NASA’s predecessor, the agency called Constellation, did with its Mars missions.

“They’re not taking the same approach as Constellation’s, which was to set the goal at Mars in the 2020s, the 2020s, and then work out how to achieve that goal at least 10 years later,” he says. “Which is where they’re going down the different path.”

Planetary scientist Michael Suffredini, who works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Image: NASA Ames.

Instead of focusing on the solar system in isolation, there’s a shift in focus. Suffredini is currently

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