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How do you dress like the original “Mad Men”?

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“The women wearing the dresses from Mad Men are the most beautiful and alluring people we have ever heard of!”

– The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

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In April this year, the first-ever conference on cyber security convened a group of more than 70 experts to discuss the threat that hackers present for governments in 2016. There was a palpable sense of panic around the room as there was no doubt that the threat of cyber warfare would increase exponentially during a world event of so importance – the Olympics.

In the aftermath of a decade of cyber-attacks, the number of reported cyber attacks has skyrocketed to the point that even the US government concedes that hackers have been attacking it for 20 years. Now we are faced with a situation where a state is launching an international cyber war on its own population, and the world is being forced to look at an escalating global conflict.

China, a country that has shown little in the way of restraint in the event of cyber attacks, is not exactly known for its lack of foresight. Last year, the country successfully attacked its own citizens through its cyberspace, with the purpose of stealing their intellectual property and compromising their computer systems for espionage. In the process, it was able to launch a propaganda campaign against its own people, and at the end of the day, was able to convince Beijing’s citizenry that a hostile government was at work.

It is at that point that one has to ask what will become of Russia? For one thing, it is far more powerful than China’s. It has the means to strike at all of the countries in Eastern Europe, Africa or Asia that it perceives as threats; not by using the military or the financial power of the United States but by leveraging its cyber capabilities on a global scale.

For Russia, hacking is at its core, and that is as true

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