How do you dress like a 1920s flapper?

Here’s how. Look at a pair of these hats that was a vintage 1930’s flapper style.

I’ve got one of them and I’ll start with it. Like a vintage flapper, but not a 1930s flapper. It’s a 1950’s flapper hat.

That hat’s so different. It looks like something you might find in old clothing stores or thrift stores, not something that would be in a designer handbag. And I want to show off how cool that hat is. I used those jeans that is from 20-something’s for this design because they are so simple.

Do you think this could be used as a shirt? Maybe something with a different shape?

I’m going to put a different shape. I’m gonna make it slightly tapered at the cuff, like this.

I’m gonna use this flapper hat design on a shirt. So it looks like an old flapper hat with a small tail or something.

How’s the design? Do you think it might work as a pair of pants? Or maybe as a dressy casual hat?

Well, in that style, you can make the tail shorter and it would fit. Or it would be too long so that it just kinda looked too long.

How would you wear it? I don’t know if it would look right in jeans or if it would be too tight in jeans. But that is one of the things I wanted to do because it was really funny and quirky and unique so I wanted it to look like anything but just sort of classic.

I’m a woman who likes her style to be off the wall, and this just looks like what I like at my barbers’ for that sort of thing and if it was worn over denim pants, then that probably would work for that too. Just a little bit.

What’s it like designing for people who probably don’t have money for fashion?

It’s fun because they’re looking at something new and it’s really cool when they don’t see this thing like “this is a guy like me who doesn’t have money!” and they go, “wow, I feel like he just did that with me.” It brings something to life where it’s just like a new and interesting concept to try to be creative with.

So what are some of your most iconic pieces?

My most iconic pieces are these three things: The first one is my dress shirt