How do you dress like a 1920s flapper? – 1920S Cape Dress

A dress, that’s what I wear when I wear makeup. I like to wear a low-cut dress with a long or a flowing skirt, with the skirt that’s long and tight and high up, so my lower back, my spine and my collarbones are topless.

So what do you think is the ideal style for a 1920s flapper?

I would say, if you’re playing up your high-heeled shoes, if you’re wearing a long or a flowing dress, your high-heeled shoes have to be of a nice length and high, and in those high heels you have to keep the dress on, because they just come off. If you have a lot of high heels, then I would say you can’t go very far down, so I’d say the first few lines that I wrote [in an article on the Flapper’s Dictionary] were about high heels.

You don’t see a lot of women who are willing to go for high heels.

No more than they would dress like a housewife in 1920s. In 1920s we were very casual, and you had to wear the housewife’s outfit and that’s how they dressed.

How do you think that changed by the 1940s?

I think there was a lot of confidence and a lot of women who were not afraid to walk down the street. I was working in San Francisco at the time and I was doing my makeup, and I was doing all my hair. I was trying to go down to the department store and buy a whole bunch of stuff just for the show, so I’d be out in front in those high heels and makeup, and it was really hot out, so my hair, makeup, and everything was kind of ruined. We were a hotshot crew and we were wearing tights and everything, so we had a whole different wardrobe, a bunch of things you were not allowed to wear in that era, so there was all sorts of stuff like that. What I try to remember is, you have to go down to L.A. now, the city is much more chic, but back then you were more allowed to wear something that was very conservative and very American.

Are there any other classic 1920s women on the show?

There are two, there are two women who are very much on the show. The first was the great actress, the mother of actress Anna Graham Bell, who played the role of the fl

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