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This video makes me wish I was a flapper girl.

I also thought the “L-bomb” was ridiculous… It sounds like the female version of “Pee-Wee Herman”.

I think it was a great set up and they played some of their songs well. I enjoyed the band’s energy as well.

I enjoyed the setlist but I feel it lacked some of the band’s classic stuff, like the old songs… it’s not terrible but it’s missing some of that band’s greatest songs.

Overall I thought the show was fun and the crowd was great. I would have been there again to see more of the acts from their previous years but it was good to listen to their material.

I am sorry to say I don’t enjoy the sound of the old school. It’s all kind of too old-school.

If you’re not familiar with the old school feel- good, good time rock & roll, I’ll introduce you to “Mick Ronson”, “The Who”, “The Rolling Stones” and the “Hangover” soundtrack and tell you they’re actually quite good, but that I can’t listen to it because of its time factor. So here’s the deal: I haven’t found anything new here.

Here’s what I do like: This song is “pretty good” and the guitar work is well done. However, there’s no real good rhythm playing and no memorable singing part that gets stuck into my head and I don’t feel like the guitar work really fits with the rest of the song.

This is the kind of song that I can hear on the radio. A nice rock & roll song that gets stuck in my head and gives me chills even after a bit of an album listening period.

Also from my favorite band, I think The Beatles came up in this song in a way that was unexpected and it was fun to listen to this song while listening to “Yellow Submarine” or “All You Need Is Love”.

I’ve never watched a Beatles concert. Not that they don’t have great playing and good music, but it would take a special kind of person who watched the tour closely to appreciate a show like this one.

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I want to point out the songwriter in “The Who”. The name “Steve Lillywhite” was coined by Paul McCartney for this track. However, you can just hear how he came up with some of the lyrics.

The song

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