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How do you do flapper girls hair?

– You could make it with a ponytail, however that just looks a bit messy on the first round of cuts.

If I don’t know how to flapper girls hair, can I please teach you?


– This hair style can be done on any hair type. The longer the hair the better as the hair always needs to sit high up from the scalp.

– Make sure to leave the end out of your hair, the longer the hair the more natural it will look.

– If the ends of your hair are too long it will look like a ponytail.

– When you see it, just keep putting it on.

– For extra volume, you can use a wavy ponytail that would go down just below the shoulder.

If I don’t know how to flapper girls hair can I please teach you?
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– I’m not a professional hairstylist and the only thing I know is that it seems a little complicated to me. And when I say confusing it is because I’m not the best at explaining or explaining stuff. It takes about half a minute and then you’ll probably know enough by that point that you are doing the technique properly.

What if I need help and are having a tough time?


If there is a problem, just make a note of it, and call my assistant.

Is the cut like a pomade or gel?


The cut is definitely a gel or a pomade.

Will the hair look like braids and will it ever change?


Yes it will.

Does the hair have any definition to it?


It definitely has definition, though sometimes I can still get it a little messy.

When making the cuts if I don’t have a bobbie’s haircut can I still make the cuts?


I would definitely say no to the bobbie’s style of hair, it looks weird.

Is there a special order I need to follow and can I just do it right away or do I have to cut it?


The general order is keep your ends long, and keep them out of your hair. You can do the first cut after you’ve grown the first bit of

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