How do you do 20s curls? – Unique Vintage Navy Hemingway Flapper Dress

Do you do 20s curls with dumbbells?


I’m an intermediate weightlifter (I do 6RM). I had the big 20s back in college when I was very strong.

What would you do if that was your goal?

I’d probably do some weighted dips in the morning or a light deadlift the next day.

How do you know when to add a little weight? Will you drop it if it gets really heavy?

I’m going to drop it if it gets really heavy. I won’t add too much weight if it gets too light.

Is there any way to improve your form? Will there be different forms of training?

It’s really not that different because you’re essentially doing the same things. You’re working on specific muscles rather than just doing dumbbell curls.

What are some ways to improve your performance?

Start by doing your warm-up sets every week.

Then add three or four reps to each set.

Once you’re doing 5 to 6 sets of three reps, then add another three or four reps.

If you do that a few times a week that should get you in the game.

As you do the sets, you’ll want to do more volume because that allows you to work more muscles that you have that you may never have worked. It will also allow you to do other things that you haven’t been able to do that week.

That’s the secret to improvement. You get in the gym, and you do enough warm-up sets and volume to get your conditioning in shape for the day. Then, you’re going to work on your form as you go.

Do you have a favorite deadlift technique?

It’s hard to choose just one. I did a good job of it in my first competition. I think if I had to pick one, it’s when you’ve got your feet straight, you’re ready for the stretch at the bottom, and you’re really pressing the weight up.

I’m going to say something good about deadlifts and a little something about pull-ups that I’ve never heard anybody say before:

“I was like, ‘Who’s not going to know how to deadlift?'” —Mike Mentzer, former NFL and MLB star

Yeah, that’s what separates really good deadlifters from really bad deadlifters.

I mean,

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