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What did they mean to the world? Read on for three things that will help you understand how the flapper changed women’s roles. Here is a selection of the best flapper quotes:

When women came of age in the early nineteenth century they were considered child-like, incapable of independence. They were also often the mothers of those children that the men had been responsible for raising. The flappers, though, changed all of that. The flapper, though still a child herself, also acted as mother to her young charges. With her dress, her voice, her mannerisms, and her style, she looked far beyond any child ever had before. This image of the flapper as an innocent child was not, of course, based on a realistic view of her. Her actions were very much influenced by the social mores of her period and was largely based on the stereotypes and myths of that time. That doesn’t mean however, that this wasn’t an important part of the flapper’s image. The early twentieth century saw an explosion of the flapper’s image, as seen in her ads, in magazines and in films. Her appeal was broad because she was more than just a child’s picture.

In 1900, The New York Herald Tribune described an article about a young woman named Clara Bow. Bow had dyed her hair blond and wore a gown made of white satin. The Herald Tribune also highlighted Clara Bow’s beauty and stated that she was “troubled not so much with beauty as by the fact that she is not unattractive.” According to historian Mary G. Korn Brown, the image of Mary Ellen Ray was also very much a part of the early twentieth century, with the flapper portrayed as an “untutored young woman who is not likely to mature into the status that she desires.”

When Clara Bow was 18, Clara Bow, of Chicago and New York, was married to an insurance salesman from Cleveland. The couple had a difficult marriage, and Clara Bow had an epiphany in which she rejected her husband. Clara Bow later became a dancer and sang. Clara Bow also became a popular artist, and she was also a vocalist. Clara Bow’s flapper image and the flapper’s role in popular culture was very much influenced by Clara Bow’s epiphany. Many of these flapper images are also similar to the “little girl” images of the time, so the two images are often intertwined and sometimes confused together.

Many of the flapper photos in magazines had

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